In 2012 with the participation of the Four Paws Intl. (Austria), a Bear shelter called “Nadiya” was established in the Zhytomyr Oblast.

In 2018, the Shelter came under the management of our International Charitable Fund “Save wild”, created in Ukraine, and received a new name “White rock” Bear shelter.

The purpose of our Shelter (rehabilitation centre) is to rescue bears suffering from human cruelty, to rehabilitate and treat them after circuses, baiting stations, and menageries, to maintain them for life or to transfer them to other rehabilitation centres.

In October 2020, the Shelter moved from Zhytomyr Oblast to Kyiv Oblast.

Twelve bears have been rehabilitated since the Shelter was established. Five of them moved to our partners in the Bear sanctuary “Domazhyr” (Lviv Oblast), Malvina – to the Tier-, Natur- und Jugendzentrum Weidefeld (Germany), Asuka and Popeye – to the Alternative Bärenpark Worbis GmbH (Germany).

Currently, four brown bears are being rehabilitated at the “White rock”: Synochok, Chada, Lyubochka, and Mykhasyk.

Veterinarians, zoologists and caretakers of the rehabilitation centre are responsible for the bear rehabilitation program and their diet.

SA, SU – tour start time: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

MO – TH – excursion groups of up to 25 people organized by the tour operator.

Please note that it is not possible to enter the Shelter between tours. We do not put profit first and regulate the number of visitors on the territory so as not to expose the bears to unnecessary stress.

The guided tour lasts about 40-50 minutes, after which you will have the opportunity to freely move around the Shelter’s exhibition area for about an hour.

We ask that you come to the main entrance to the Shelter 10-20 minutes before the start of the tour in order to have the opportunity to buy tickets in an organized manner before the start of the tour.

For adults – 100 UAH; for children from 6 to 14 years old – 50UAH; for preferential categories of visitors (disabled persons of I and II groups, participants in liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the ChNPP category I, participants in hostilities) – 50 UAH. Preschools are free if accompanied by parents (not a separate group).